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Ergonomic floor mats from myLean

The human body is not designed to stand, turn, or walk on hard surfaces for hours on end. The consequences are joint and spinal problems, which can lead to serious problems in the long term. myLean floor mats always keep the body moving, barely noticeable. Blood circulation is stimulated by the nature of the mats, which prevents pain when standing, turning or running. Both the employee and the employer benefit from the myLean floor mats due to less downtime.

Make the right choice for your needs

Polyurethane floor mats

myLean polyurethane mats offer maximum comfort, best quality and elasticity. Specially developed polyurethane and the highly compressed outer skin ensure a long service life. The floor mats can be safely placed in damp and wet areas

Polyurethane floor mats

Rubber floor mats

Variants of myLean rubber mats
• Synthetic rubber made from nitrile (NBR):
Resistant to oil, cooling lubricants and chemicals, i.e. H. long service life
• SBR mats: low abrasion
• Natural rubber (NR): highly elastic,
good tear resistance, low wear
• myLean rubber compounds consist of
one specifically for the train application ar

Rubber floor mats

Or customize your floor mats specifically for your needs.

Make a selection from different colors and different shapes

Electrostatic discharge – ESD

To prevent damage to electronic components, special precautionary measures are required. In order to avoid electrostatic charging of electronic components, constant and gentle potential equalization is required. For this purpose, myLean ESD produces floor mats in versions a and aF. These floor mats are equipped with the ESD symbol and meet the standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 (leakage resistance 5 x 107 ohms). Versions a and aF have antistatic properties (low charge). (Leakage resistance 109 ohms)

Icon explanation

Non-slip, even on the underside of the floor mat

Ergonomically relieving

Fire retardant DIN B1-4102-14


Oil/coolant and lubricant resistant


Turning, workplaces with activities involving frequent rotational movements

Suitable for wet conditions

Heat/cold insulating

Heat resistance up to 120°C

ESD – electrostatic dissipation according to DIN EN 61340-5-1: 5 x 107 Ω

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