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We produce individual foam inserts for your tools

Develop and design your individual shadowboard; there are no limits. No matter what your requirements, myLean will produce your perfect shadowboard for you. myLean Shadowboards consist of
one- or two-color foams. The two-color system allows the user to immediately identify missing tools or workpieces. The myLean Shadowboards comply with international Lean standards. Thanks to the tailor-made manufacturing method, shadowboards can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Easily put together your individual shadowboard

myLean creates the foam inserts in black, blue-black, green-black, red-black, yellow-black, gray-black and black-ESD in the heights:

30mm, 60mm and 90mm.
Other colors or insert heights on request. The foam inserts can be individually designed by you. There are no limits when it comes to labeling foam inserts – myLean lasers all relevant data into your shadowboard.

Optimal storage in various areas of application

Inserts for drawers

Shadowboards provide more structure and clarity in your tool cabinets and carts as well as at your workstations.


Suitcase inserts

myLean foam inserts are individually adapted to your suitcase. We are also happy to offer you complete solutions including a case.


Hard plastic inserts

Hard plastic inserts are ideal for clean rooms and workplaces with high access frequencies. Where foam shadowboards reach their limits, the hard plastic insert offers a real alternative. They are abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant and water-resistant, which means they can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. No deformation due to the high density of the material.


5S shadow glue

Ideal for perforated boards or walls. Missing or incorrectly placed tools or other utensils are immediately visible and access times are shortened. The shadow adhesive is attached by simply peeling off the backing paper and sticking it in the desired location.


5S shadow magnets

Ideally suited for all magnetic surfaces. Missing or incorrectly placed tools or utensils are immediately visible and access times are shortened. The shadow magnets are attached by simply placing them on the desired magnetic surface.


With our ten years of experience in foam processing, we are the perfect partner for the realization of projects in every area. myLean produces around 30,000 foam inserts every year.

Choose from various options how you would like to create your individual shadowboard

Alternative 1
You rent our mobile scanner

Alternative 2
You buy our mobile scanner

Alternative 3
You send us your tools via parcel service and we scan them

Alternative 4
A myLean employee comes to your house with our mobile scanner and scans your tools on site.

Alternative 5
You send us the CAD production data of your tools.

Easy to use with the Shadowboard Creator

The simple and easy-to-understand Shadowboard Creator helps you design your foam inserts, hard plastic inserts, shadow glue or shadow magnets. The software is user-friendly and self-explanatory. We would be happy to support you in using our Shadowboard Creator. Just come to us!
Please note that the software is only designed for Windows.

Shadowboards from the experts

We have the exact and best solution for every request. Our specialist staff scans your products with millimeter precision and creates your desired shadowboard. We would be happy to come to your company to scan or you can send us your products to scan. With our shadowboards you can create a new feeling of order and cleanliness for every individual workplace.


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