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LongLife floor markings

myLean GmbH is a manufacturer of floor markings. myLean LongLife floor markings were developed in our own laboratory to meet the most extreme demands. The floor markings are produced in our own production facility in Germany.

Whether for walkways, danger zones or parking spaces, the correct marking increases work safety and makes it easier to comply with regulations. Correct labeling gives you a good overview of the availability of your goods, also with a view to reducing inventory.

Outstanding properties

myLean® floor markings can be used for almost all indoor surfaces. Our floor markings are self-adhesive and therefore quick and easy to apply.
LongLife floor markings from myLean are “forklift-proof” even against turning on the marking.







dark blue









Clear window, enables individual floor signage

Common 5S colors,
Formats and material thicknesses

Can be cropped

Self-adhesive, extremely adhesive on all surfaces, such as concrete, stone and metal

Forklift-proof, abrasion-resistant,
extremely resilient, torsion-resistant

Recommended marking

Colors and shapes of floor markings provide clear visual cues.

We offer you various products for ideal, robust and compliant floor marking. Storage and functional areas, traffic routes as well as work and safety areas are visually illustrated.

Recommendation for color coding

Main and secondary routes

Execution: Cuts or strips

Dangerous areas

Execution: Cuts or strips

Raw material/delivery areas

Execution: Cuts or strips

Other parking spaces

Execution: Cuts or strips

Finished material/delivery area

Execution: Cuts or strips


Execution: Cuts or strips

Rejects/missing parts

Execution: Cuts or strips

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs improve occupational safety in your company and indicate behavior in designated areas. The design is standardized according to ASR A1.3 and alerts employees to dangers.

S51 longitudinal markings

Longitudinal markings clearly demarcate individual areas from one another and contribute to structuring your company. Clearly marked areas of driveways and sidewalks or storage and production areas reduce the risk of accidents in companies. Clearly marked areas increase a company’s efficiency. In order to clearly demarcate areas from one another, longitudinal markings in defined color assignments are used.


Symbols are used to visualize and clearly assign areas. Clearly marked storage areas, for example, minimize the risk of mix-ups and also increase the efficiency of your company. In order to clearly demarcate areas from one another, symbols are used in defined color assignments.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs prohibit certain actions in company areas and thereby contribute to safety in companies. The design is standardized according to ASR A1.3 and actively helps to avoid accidents at work.

Warning and information signs

Warning and information signs are standardized according to ASR A1.3 and inform employees of dangers such as industrial trucks or highly flammable materials in designated areas.

Have it marked by an expert!

LongLife floor markings professionally installed

We would also be happy to act as a service provider for you. Regardless of whether it is vehicles, zebra crossings, parking spaces, etc. Have your floor markings laid professionally by our specialist staff. Contact us, we will find the optimal solution for everyone.

Inquire now

Service - processing process

1st Step: Clean the surface

Use the LongLife Cleaner to remove adhesive residue, dirt, grease and oil from the surface without leaving any residue. Ideals
Processing temperature 18° to 25° C. Cure for approx. 12 – 24 hours.

1st Step: Clean the surface

2nd Step: Align the marking

Pre-paint/project the line onto dry ground using chalk/laser. Maintain a minimum distance of 30 – 50 mm around the object to be marked. Avoid overlapping floor markings.

2nd Step: Align the marking

3rd Step: Apply floor markings

Remove the protective film piece by piece and press firmly. Process as tape. Cut off the foil at the end.
Cut angles (45°/90°) and special cuts safely and precisely with the LongLife cutting device.

3rd Step: Apply floor markings

4th Step: Perfect property

LongLife tapeware and transparent windows adhere perfectly to any surface: concrete, stone or metal are extreme
resilient and torsion-resistant.

4th Step: Perfect property

Floor markings from myLean

Noticeable in the long term – maximum security!

Our sprayed floor markings provide optimal visibility for safety in all indoor areas. Whether in spacious warehouses or on stressed workshop floors, myLean floor markings ensure clear visibility and long-term adhesion. Our service uses ecological spray machines for durable, brilliant markings that increase safety and efficiency. With various options tailored to your needs, myLean transforms your industrial spaces into a safe working environment.

Individually sprayed floor markings from myLean for particularly high requirements!

Logistics centers, warehouses and industrial halls are places that are frequented by a large number of road users. To ensure the safety of these environments, it is essential that traffic routes are marked with clearly visible colors. Thanks to their low susceptibility to contamination and an anti-slip surface, our sprayed floor markings ensure a perfect result.


• All traffic colors
• Extremely resilient
• Scratch and shock resistant – extreme traction
• UV and weather resistant
• Epoxy modified HS colors (1K & 2K material)
• Polyurethane paint
• Thick film material: cold plastic & thermoplastic

Service process:

  • Contact from customers to discuss the detailed request.
  • Assessment and recording of the spatial conditions.
  • Based on the information collected, technical advice can be provided at the customer’s request.
  • Based on the assessment, myLean creates a detailed offer.

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