Shadowboards and foam inserts

myLean Shadowboards are foam inserts made of one or two coloured foams.
Thanks to the 2-colour system, the user can immediately recognise missing tools, objects or workpieces.

myLean Shadowboards ensure quick and easy access to your tools, instruments and other components. myLean Shadowboards minimize search times for your objects. The loss of tools or other components is also greatly reduced. With foam inserts from myLean, high-quality measuring equipment, tools or other objects are optimally protected and safely stored.

Construct your specific foam insert easily with our mobile scanner and the myLean Shadowboard – Creator. In our myLean Shadowboard – Creator software you can arrange your objects as you wish, select the material according to your wishes and determine the object depth of your tools individually. The myLean Shadowboard Creator also allows you to insert lettering or apply your company logo. The data generated in this way are sent to us by e-mail and myLean starts the production of your individual foam insert.

The myLean Shadowboards comply with the standards 5S, 5A and myLean.
Due to the tailor-made production method, shadowboards can be used for a wide variety of applications.


1 scanner for 3 products

Hard plastic inserts

Foam Shadowboards

5S Shadowsticker

3 Schritte zu Ihrem individuellen Shadowboard

The foam inserts of myLean can be individually designed, no matter if inscriptions of the individual workpieces or your logo, myLean lasers all relevant data into the shadowboard for you. Further comfort and design are offered by myLean’s selectable recessed grips.

1. rent, buy or use scanners by sales representatives
2. Shadowboard-Creator

3. Upload to homepage or via email

shortly after layout release you will receive your Shadowboard

Of course there are other alternatives how to get your individual shadowboard:

Alternative 1: You rent our mobile scanner
Alternative 2: You buy our mobile scanner
Alternative 3: You send us your tools by parcel service and we scan them.
Alternative 4: A myLean employee comes to you with our mobile scanner and scans your tools on site.
Alternative 5: You send us your CAD manufacturing data for the tools.

Item Number: 10001005

Mobile Scanner

Simply put together your individual shadowboard, hard plastic inlay or shadow adhesive. All you need is the mobile scanner from myLean.
Contents: LED light panel, digital camera, user manual, stick with Shadowboard creator, connection cable, free software update via myLean homepage.

Item Number: 10001006

Mobile tripod

You can take pictures of your tools, small parts or other objects anywhere, quickly and without blurring. The mobile tripod from myLean has a holder for the camera and the mobile scanner. By fixing the camera and the pre-defined distance the accuracy and quality of the shadowboards is extremely increased. When folded, the tripod serves as a transport trolley for the scanner.

Hanging tray

The myLean hanging tray serves as a mobile order picking and goods tray or as a mobile measuring device storage directly at the measuring or workstation. The mobile hanging tray can be hung practically anywhere thanks to the brackets attached on both sides.
approx. 400 x 200 x 95mm: Item no.:30001104 (red aluminium),
approx. 200 x 200 x 95mm: Item no. 30001107 (red aluminium).

Goods Tray

myLean product trays are used in many different applications. Perfect for the provision of tools, as an exchangeable insert for school drawers, for the provision of materials or for the targeted distribution of tools to your employees. The product trays are stackable and therefore very space-saving. They are manufactured to customer specifications in various lengths and widths.

Item Number: 30002789

Grip tray

with extra strong neodymium magnet
Grab bowl made of plastic with magnet for providing magnetic bulk material such as screws. Among other things, the grab trays are for installation in our foam inserts Ø50 H: 25 plus magnet.
Gripper bowl also available without magnet.

Profiscan Unit

Use the practical Profiscan unit as a stand-alone solution with integrated high-resolution industrial camera.
Shadows are minimized by the housing, the high-resolution industrial camera is installed at a defined distance, which significantly improves the scanning results.
Thanks to the remote shutter release and W-LAN SD card, you can easily photograph and scan your tools from your desk. With our Shadowboard Creator software you can create your own Shadowboards and customize them according to your needs.
Aluminium photo booth with the dimensions 800x800x2000mm. Consisting of: myLean LED light panel, user manual, stick with myLean Shadowboard Creator software, cable and free software update.

Item Number: 10002114

Item Number: 10002115

Photo accessories for Profiscan unit

Pin sharp images with photo accessories for professionalism
Consisting of: High-resolution industrial camera, W-LAN SD card, remote shutter release. (Articles may differ from picture)

Your individual Shadowboard

Simply put together your individual Shadowboard. All you need is the mobile scanner. myLean creates the foam inserts in black, blue-black, red-black, yellow-black and in the heights: 30 mm, 60 mm and 90 mm. Other colours or inlay heights on request.

Black, black (ESD), blue-black, red-black, yellow-black, green-black others on request

VeDifferent heights, others on request

Various foam hardnesses on request