5S Shadow sticker

Create a tidy and well structured workplace with myLean’s 5S Shadow Adhesive. Ideally suited for hole boards or walls where a shadow board made of foam or hard plastic cannot find a place. Missing and incorrectly placed tools or other utensils are immediately visible and access times are shortened. By scanning the desired shapes with the help of the mobile scanner, which is child’s play, we can create your stickers for you in the shortest possible time after receiving your production data. The application of the Shadow adhesive takes place by simply pulling off the protective foil and sticking it to the desired place.

3 steps to your individual Shadow stickers

1. Rent, buy or lease scanners by
field representative
2. Activate creator software
3. upload to homepage or via email

Application examples for myLean Shadow stickers

Adhesive for wall sorting

Sticker for holeboard