Always keep an overview with the stock identification labels from myLean

A well sorted and labelled warehouse is today the be-all and end-all of a lean production.

myLean offers magnetic warehouse identification plates in all designs, colours and sizes. By simply exchanging the paper labels in the magnetic labels, you decide for yourself how you want to label your goods and shelves quickly and easily. We are pleased to offer you custom-made products on request, please contact us.


The magnetic C-profiles are ideally suited for bearing inscriptions or as head and name strips on planning boards. You can use the magnetic C-profiles to mark your goods and when you move house, the cards simply move with you. The supplied inscription label and the transparent cover keep your label clean and reusable at all times.

Transparent magnetic sign, lateral open

The transparent magnetic sign incl. labelling cardboard creates structure in your warehouse. Due to the full-surface magnetic back, it can be attached anywhere. The integrated transparent cover protects against dirt. The outer width of the signs is approx. 6mm more than the inscription area due to the welding.

Transparent magnetic sign, open at side and top

This transparent magnetic sign is fully magnetic on the reverse side. Ideally suited for quick and easy replacement of the labels, through the opening both on the side and on top. The sign is always reusable and advantageous for changing inscriptions. Delivery without paper labels.

Magnetic marking pads

Mark your goods or warehouse with the colourful marking pads and let colours speak for themselves. The two integrated neodymium magnets keep the pads extra strong on the surfaces. The additional possibility of labelling the pads allows you to get rid of your messages even more clearly.

Magnetic Smilies

Use these smilies to give clear information and create a friendlier and more pleasant working atmosphere. Visualize with the smilies and convey clear information to your employees.

Available with holding magnet Ø 30mm or magnetic foil Ø 40mm.

Magnetic tape reel

Determine the length of your bearing label yourself and simply cut it off the required length from the roll with the scissors. The blanks can always be wiped off with a damp cloth and re-labelled.

Perforated magnetic tape roll

The perforations allow the magnetic labels to be easily and quickly removed from the roll by hand. The labels can be wiped off with a damp cloth and can be inscribed several times.