myLean – cleanTower

Do you need more organisation and a better overview at work or at home? -The new cleanTower helps yo­u minimise your
search and will help you bring organisation into your home or place of work.
Our cleaning tower is specialy designed to hold all of the most important cleaning tools one would need throughout the day.
myLean cleaningTowers conforms to the 5s, 5a and myLean standards. Through the wide range of colours, clever consideration
and modern design the storage columns are easy to integrate into your day to day life.

cleanTower – cunning, space-saving and mordern




cleanTower – general Information

The myLean cleantower is made out of high quality steel. The height is 190 cm and the width is 16 cm.
The 40 cm round base plate is designed to garantie that your cleantower has a stabil footing.
The overal weight including the equipment amounts to 23 kg.

 cleanTower equipment

The cleanTower is equipped with the following implements: Hand broom with wooden handle, dustpan, high-Quality pressure sprayer and a workshop broom (width 60 cm). The clever equipment helps you to save time searching for your utensils and is an eyecatcher for business partners, clients and acquaintances.



cleanTower – individual

Order your cleanTower in the colour of your wish. Steel powder-coat is available upon request.
Our standard colours are: red, yellow, black and gray. Our wheeled cleanTower is obtainable likewise upon request.