myLean- cleanTower FLEXI

cleanTower Flexi – The flexible cleaning station for all divisions

Variable cleaning equipment is needed in fabrication, construction, quality control, goods issuing department and other sections. The cleanTower Flexi with its modular concept can be individually adjusted to your requirements. Create easily your individual cleaning station.

MyLean cleanTower Flexi – the flexible solution for overview and cleanlinesss.

 General Information

The cleanTower Flexi is made of high-quality steel. With a height of 191 cm and a width of approx. 16 cm his overall weight including equipment amounts to approx. 23 kg. The 40 cm round base guarantees stable footing. The cleanTower Flexi has a sidewise hole pattern to be optionally equipped with utensils. Our wheeled myLean cleanTower Flexi is available upon request.

 cleanTower Flexi equipment

Compile your cleanTower Flexi according to your individual requirements using the wide range of various modules.



cleanTower – individual

Order your cleanTower in the colour of your wish. Steel powder-coat is available upon request.
Our standard colours are: red, yellow, black and gray. Our wheeled cleanTower is obtainable likewise upon request.