The reason for ergonomic floor mates from myLean

The human body is not destined for long lasting standing, turning or walking on hard grounds. The consequences are often joint and spin problems which, in the long run, will cause serious discomfort. myLean floor mates keep the body permanently in motion, hardly perceptible. The blood flow is stimulated what results in painless standing, turning and walking. With less inactive periods due to sick leave employee as well as employer both benefit from myLean floor mates.



Floor mates characteristics

PolyurethanBodenmattenPolyurethane floor mates: myLean polyurethante floor mates
ensure highest comfort, best quality and elasticity. Specially developped
polyurethane and a highly compressed outer layer for long endurance.
Harmless use in wet areas.


Gummi BodenmattenRubber floor mates: – Versions of myLean rubber mates:
– synthetic rubber of nitrile (NBR): restistant to oil, cooling lubricant and chemicals, i.e. long lifetime
– SBR mates: low abrasion
– natural rubber (NR): high elasticity, tear strength, low-wear
– myLean rubber compounds consist of a specially adapted mixture and construction.


myLean offers individually suitable floor mates for all applications and areas.
Different surfaces and reverse sides can be selected. We realise customized floor mates in special colours and individual shapes.









Electrostatic discharge – ESD

To avoid any damage to electronical components special precautions have to be taken. Continous and smooth potential balances are compulsary to prevent electrostatic charge. myLean fabricates ESD floor mates versions A and AF.
These mates bearing the ESD sign meet the standards of DIN EN 61340-5-1 (electric discharge 5 x 107 Ω). The versions a and aF have antistatic characteristics (low charge). (Electric discharge 5 x 10^9 Ω)



The different versions can be found in our catalogue.

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